Gökhan Kırdar Was Born In Aydın City On The Aegean Coast Of Turkey…


His father Mr. Nevzat was a painter, who had graduated from the Art Faculty of the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academy of Istanbul. His mother Mrs. Müzeyyen was also a painter and Arts teacher who had graduated from he Fine Arts Lycee. They met each other in Aydın and got married in 1958. Beside his elder sister and his elder brother, he is the youngest child of the family. When he was 5 years old, he started singing and playing guitar and other instruments with keys and found out his own melodies.


Being the member of an artist family, his feelings of art and music emerged in his early years. His father was the first person to record his amateur songs and music. He was also very talented in painting and during his primary school days, he won several international prizes with his paintings. His sister and brother were both at the university in İzmir and he used to visit them during weekends. Because his father was able only to support his sister’s and brother’s University expenses, he could not attend the Conservatory, instead graduated from the Aydın Lycee.


When he was 15, he wrote and composed his first song ‘My Love’. He graduated from the Lycee in 1987 and moved to İzmir with his family. In 1988 he won the exams of Yıldız University Architectural Faculty and started his education in Istanbul, just like his father. In Istanbul he lived with his uncle for a while, then together with some of his friends, rented a house where he lived all the disadvantages of a student who is away from home. In 1989 he set up his first rock music group ‘Natural’ with his home mates. While attending the University they were also performing music in the evenings in order to gain money. In 1990 new musicians joined in their group and they changed the name of the group as ‘Picture’. They performed ethnic, jazz, rock synthesis in many popular clubs.


In 1990 he wrote and composed his first Musical song ‘Birds’, and together with his friends he set the ‘University Art Theatre’ and they produced many live music performances during other university festivals. His well known and most admired song ‘I Can’t Love Other Than You’ was written in 1990. During the same year his songs ‘For The Last Time’, ‘In My Solitude’, ‘Turquoise’, ‘Wait, Don’t Go’ and ‘Pictures’ were the first arrangements prepared in a professional studio and performed live in many music clubs. In 1991 during the ‘White Dove’ Song Competition of TRT, he, for the first time was seen on the screen by the millions, with his song ‘Secrets Of The Dark’.


In 1993 he composed music for a feature film ‘Night, Angel, And Our Childs’. and tv serial ‘Mr. Kamber’. There were the first film and tv serial composition to be issued. In 1994 he signed and issued his first studio album contract for ‘Vagabond Floating Mine’. Songs like ‘I Can’t Love Other Than You’, ‘Phaeton’, ‘Apple Of My Eye’, and ‘April’ were included in this album, which for many weeks has been number one in many TV and Radio emissions. With the financial support of his father, he realized his musical video performances, which were one of the first visual works in his country.


In 1995 he produced his second studio album ‘Could Not Get Hold Of It’. This time he undertook the arrangements of songs such as ‘Don’t Trample Over Me’, ‘Touch My Skin’, ‘We Are Living’, ‘Always The Same Love’, which were always hit pieces and maybe they were the first examples of synthesis of ethnic, rock, electronic music’s. When compared to his first album, in the second one, the songs were different and hard to understand, but he was well aware of his attitude which enabled him to take place in the world music history. When compared to his first album, in the second one, the songs were different and hard to understand, but he was well aware of his attitude which enabled him to take place in the world music history.


As his new ideas and new visual concept did not match with his friend’s vision, they decided to seperate in musical means. In 1995 he decided to cancel his contract with Göksoy Music Company with whom they had prepared two albums. He knew that in his next album, he would tend to prepare experimental works and this would not match with record label vision.


By the end of 1995 he won the exams of Fine Arts Faculty of İzmir 9 Eylül University, so he moved back to İzmir to live with his family . He would study musical science and would go back and forth to Istanbul for his album preparations. In 1996 he composed many songs that would look too new even for the world music industry. He gathered some of those songs in his third solo album ‘Heaven’. But instead of publishing the album, he went on working and completed the recordings of his ‘Trip’ Album. In order to publish his works he established an independent Music Company, Loop. He also made a collaboration with Bay Music Company for his video productions and distributions.


In 1997 he published his fourth album ‘Trip’. This album includes his hit songs, such as ‘Don’t Be Silence’, ‘Cage’, ‘Creep’ and ‘Courage’. This album received very good comments from the critics and they said that this is a leading album in the musical world by means of trip hop, electronica, technorock. His musical texts implements a courage manifesto upon the disturbed and fearful human soul. This is one of the first physical & music therapies realized with the help of art statements. The one and only video for the Album is made for ‘Don’t Be Silence’ and it has been a leading new vision.


‘Trip’ Album has opened the doors to the world music industry and to many collaborations on the International ground. Every new trend will take its place in the world music history, even though it is hard to understand or causes misunderstandings. In 1998, with his songs from ‘Trip’ and ‘Dem i Oz’ album, he attended the Istanbul Techno Festival, together with the International electro music artists, where he exposed his first concert performance.


Songs like ‘This Is Love’, ‘Fuse’, ‘Revive’, ‘Off’, and ‘Dance With Fire’ in the ‘Dem i Oz’ Album and a first video were supposed to be published in America, but due to the attacks on the World Trade Center and a severe earthquake in Marmara, in his country, he was obliged to postpone the program. “Dem i Oz” Album has a philosophy that reveals the human soul turning into Oz, then coming down to earth to settle his inner struggle and to find his real humanity. And this Album has taken its place in the world music history by the end of 90’s.


In the same year, he started to work on the Loop Entertainment that includes books, videos and design projects, instead of the previous independent Loop Music. In 1999 together with Hasbro Intertoy, he has prepared through Loopus Entertainment, the “Furby 3Doo” album and dance project for the children affected by the earthquake. Being a first to present a talking toy robot, the Album has taken its place in the world art history. In 1999 he made music for a short film “Namaste” which won the first prize during the Ankara Film Festival.


By the end of 1999 he was confronted with a very serious illness, Phnomotorax, so he went back to his family in İzmir to be cured for a several months. At the beginning of 2000, he was still under medical treatment, when he decided to cure himself with music and started working on and composing his sixth album ‘Imagination’ which included songs such as ‘Raining’, ‘Fell In To Love’, ‘Go On My Heart’, ‘Without You Love’. Philosophy of the songs of this album displays the idea of clinging to life is by falling in love an having hopes for the future. Music of the album was a synthesis of ethnic, rock and trip hop. With his ‘Imagination’ Album his music career has taken its place during the beginning of millennium.


After his medical treatment, he gained his health and accomplished his Military Service. In the summer of 2000 after his discharge from the military, he returned back to his home in Istanbul. By the end of 2000 he started to work on his first instrumental album ‘Ethnotronix’. For a long period the music critics were not able to put his music into a certain category. Finally by this album he was able to give a definitive name to his music which was a synthesis of East-West-North-South regions of the world. In the beginning of 2001 this Album was published with EMI/Müzikotek license and was distributed to different countries. For the Istanbul Documentary Film Festival in 2002, the music he composed for ‘Teqfur King Palace And Istanbul’ documentary has won Special Audience Recognition Award.


In 2002 he started preparing the second instrumental album ‘Pleasure’. Many of the pieces in this album has been used by the American Film ‘Crude’. In 2003, ‘Crude’ won many awards, including the Best Film Award at the IFB Los Angeles Film Festival. Near the end of 2003 ‘Pleasure’ Album has been broadcasted in Greece, Poland and Lebanon with the EMI licence. The song with the same name of this album ‘Pleasure’ has been included in a mixed album of EMI and has been broadcasted worldwide. At the beginning of 2004, he signed the contract with the English Warner-Chappel Music Company for one song only. His ’Taqsim’ single took place in ‘From Istanbul’ Album and was released in many countries.


In 2003 he started working on the musics of ‘Valley Of The Wolves’ TV Serial. ‘Valley Of The Wolves’ Vol.1-Vol.2-Vol.3 music albums were published in 2004 and 2009 which has reached very high sales scores. This serial has been broadcasted in more the 40 countries. He won his first Best Film Music award in 2005 during the ‘White Pearl’ TV Awards. Later on, he won many awards from various organizations as well. In 2006 and 2008 ‘Valley Of The Wolves-Iraq’ and ‘Valley Of The Wolves-Gladio’ feature films have been hit productions in more than 70 countries. Surely all musics was composed by GÖKHAN. In 2006 his sound track album of ‘Valley Of The Wolves-Iraq’ was produced. ‘Valley Of The Wolves-Ambush’ is still being broadcasted and receives the highest ratings since a lot of years.


In 2003 he started preparing the musics for ‘Immortal Love’ and ‘Ghost’ tv serials, which also received high appeciation. In 2004 he took part in the ‘Self Project’ Organization with his ‘Tüür’ Music Therapy Project in Luxembourg. Same Project with ‘Tüür-Prayer For Rain’ name has been issued as an album and video film in Luxembourg in 2004, and in his country in 2005. His project ‘Tüür’ was about the Middle Asia music therapy knowledge and ancient musical instruments which went far back to the years of 10000 B.C. This time this knowledge was a synthesis of electronic and rock music which was a first and took its place in the world music history.


In 2004 he started preparing the musics of ‘Foreign Groom’ TV serial. In mid 2005 he prepared an Album with ‘Foreign Groom’ musics; Production by Loopus, Distribution by Warner. It was disributed to Greece, Malta and Cyprus where it reached high sales scores. This serial was broadcasted in more than forty countries and in 2005 he won the Best Music Award by ‘White Pearl’ TV Awards Organization and also received many other awards form many other organizations. ‘Foreig Groom’ was on the screen for four years with great worldwide success and its music was a hit as well.


The album for ‘A Night In June’ was released by the production of Loopus and distribution by EMI which also reached high sales scores. ‘A Night In June’ was broadcasted for two years in more than thirty countries, with high ratings. In 2004 he also prepared the music for ‘Gülizar’ TV film which received high interest an recognition as well.


At the beginning of 2005 he started preparations for composing music for ‘İstanbul Tales’, a feature film. His music for this film was well appreciated and won the award of ‘38th. Turkish Cinema Awards-Best Music’ award of SİYAD. Within the same year ‘İstanbul Tales’ won the ‘Best Turkish Film’ award during the ‘2005 International Istanbul Film Festival-Best Turkish Film’ category. Also won five awards at the ‘12th. National Adana Golden Boll Film Festival’. In the mid 2005, he prepared the music for ‘The Bathroom’ feature film. In the same year, he also made music for ‘Mirrors’, ‘Carousel’, and ‘Bloody Wedding’ tv serials.


In 2005 he prepared a CD-VCD format album for all the films and TV serials he had composed. This format was a new production also. In 2005, with the ascending popularity of the Internet, people started downloading without any permission. In order to avoid this inconvenience, he developed a digital publication format named ‘Web Album’ and started issuing his works through this album. He also was the first musician who realized the ‘Online Concert’ idea in the Internet. In 2006, he started working on the music of ‘The Bridge’ tv serial. This serial was on the screen for two years with high ratings and its music was very popular as well.


In 2006, his works were included in the ‘Not Your Average Travel Guide’ documentary of the ‘Discovery Travel Channel America’. This documentary was also issued both in the United States and in South America. By the end of 2006, he started working on the musics of ‘Deaf Room’ tv serial. This serial was on the screen for one year with high ratings and its music was popular as well. In 2006, he, for the first time, was the moderator of a Musical Program, ‘Türkü Of Worlds’ of the local TRT Channel.In this program, he welcomed musicians from abroad and also made live music which was very popular and entertaining for the TV audience.


In 2007, he prepared the musics of ‘Dede Korkut Tales’, ‘Pars Narcoterror’ tv series, in 2008 he prepared musics of ‘Exile Lives’, ‘Present Times’ , ‘The Lace’ tv serials and ‘Alia Bosniac Rhapsody’ tv film. On 2009 he prepared music for ‘Revenge’ tv serial. With his music he played an important role in people’s memories. In 2009, his first Turkish/English Remix Album ‘Go On My Heart’ was released by Loopus Production in CD-WEB Album format.


In 2009, he started broadcasting his new project, ‘Dreaming With Love’. This interactive art project, realized for the first time in the world, made out as book, music and video; first started with lyric which is shared with the reader on the spot and is a leading point to the new age. In 2010, he as a partner with the Italian ‘Bella Vista Film’ composed the film musics of a German Production ‘Under Deep Water’ art film project. This film has been screened in Germany, Italy and in many other countries and festivals.


By the end of 2010, he participated with other participants in the ‘Hammam Project’ in Luxembourg with his ‘Um Te Ka’ musical theraphy project. His project drew great attention by exposing the mixture of water and music and it’s effects on the human soul to eliminate negative energy, thus creating effectively good feelings. In 2010 in ‘Adana Golden Boll Film Festival’ and in 2011 in ‘İnternational Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival’ he took part as a jury member for the Turkish films. In the same year he sang a song named ‘Separation’ for the ‘Sadness Street’ feature film.


Respectively as of 2011 he composed music for ‘Years After’, in 2012 ‘Fathers and Sons’ and in 2013 ‘Living Against All Odds’ TV serials and they were all highly praised. In 2013 he started composing music for ‘Lost’ tv serial.This serial was screened in many countries and TV channels where its musician and music received many good comments. In 2015 he composed music for the ‘Black Box’ tv serial.


Respectively as of 2011 he composed music for ‘Years After’, in 2012 ‘Fathers and Sons’ and in 2013 ‘Living Against All Odds’ TV serials and they were all highly praised. In 2013 he started composing music for ‘Lost’ tv serial.This serial was screened in many countries and TV channels where its musician and music received many good comments. In 2015 he composed music for the ‘Black Box’ tv serial.